Heads, Cills & Jambs


Stone Restoration
Stone Restoration

Heads & Cills.

One of the most commonly asked for masonry items is Heads, Cills and Jambs.

A window surround can consist of 5 parts:

Heads are the top stone section of a window surround, Cills are the bottom section. Jambs are the vertical stones either side of the window, Mullions are the vertical stones that separate two window units and a Transom is the horizontal stone that separates two window units.

Cills can come in many shapes and forms, but the most popular is chamfered/weathered with stools.

We can replicate and match any existing details if you need to replace or restore, or work to and provide drawings for new stone items.

All window and door surrounds are available made bespoke to your specifications including bay windows, bullseye round windows, half rounded with keystone and many more.

Whether you are a major developer requiring large quantities, or just looking to replace a damaged mullion please don't hesitate to get in touch for a free no obligation quote.


Below are some of the Most Popular Cill types with some Standard Sizes and Pricing.

Priced per liniel meter at 140mm high and 150mm on the bed.

Prices include Drip/Throating & Weather Bar Rebate.

Customers pay no V.A.T

Please contact us if what you require is not listed.

If you've seen it, we can supply it.

Drop Chamfered With Stools

Drop Chamfered with Stools

£80.00 PLM @ 140mm x 150mm



£60.00 PLM @ 140mm x 150mm

Chamfered With Stools

Chamfered with Stools

£70.00 PLM @ 140mm x 150mm

Square Sectioned

Square Section

£50.00 PLM @ 140mm x 150mm


Buff Sandstone

Buff sandstone.

£50.00 Per Lineal Meter @ 140mm x 150mm.

Consistent in colour. A fine grain.

Band Sandstone

Band sandstone.

£45.00 Per Lineal Meter @ 140mm x 150mm.

Varied in colour with banding. A fine grain.

All our products are 100% natural stone that has been pulled from the ground and not

artificial concrete or cast stone.

Because of this no two stones are the same, this means that stone from the same batch can vary in colour and appearance and therefore any banding, grain or fossils in the stone are classed as character and not faults.


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