Restoration and Repair


Stone Restoration
Stone Restoration

Ensuring the past has a future.

Our stone restoration techniques are second to none.

We pride ourselves in the ability to bring natural stone back to life using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques,

both prolonging the health of the stone and halting ongoing decay.

By carefully working around each individual projects needs and evaluating the best possible methods of stonecare our extensive gallery now speaks for itself.

We specialise in the restoration of areas such as:

- Architectural & Grade Listed

- Like for Like Stone Replacement

-Monumental & Memorial Restoration

-Insurance Damage & Repair Work

Stone Restoration
Stone Restoration
Sandblast Cleaning

Restore, Repair, Replace.


Even if you're stone is damaged beyond repair, our masons can replicate and replace existing stonework. By carefully taking templates of mouldings and reproducing pieces with milimeter acuracy you'll breathe new life into your build.


Inside or Out.


Internal and external cleaning is available with the use of sandblast machines. A soft pressure and the right media ensure a great result and clean stone every time

Sandblast Cleaning


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